RSA Identity Day – Melbourne Channel Partners

Thursday 21st September, 2PM – 5PM

Intercontinental Hotel Melbourne, 495 Collins Street, Melbourne VIC 3000

On Thursday, 21st September 2023, join us for RSA Identity Day! We’ll be at the Intercontinental Hotel Melbourne where we’ll be:

  • Showcasing recent identity security innovations
  • Detailing how to accelerate the journey to passwordless
  • Discussing recent attacks that targeted organisations’ identity infrastructures
  • Demonstrating the value of the RSA Unified Identity Platform
  • And lots more!





1400 - 1415



1415 -1430


Introduction and welcome to Identity Day 

1430 - 1500

Understanding the role of AI in cyber resilience for Identity

AI and ML have an incredibly powerful role to play in supporting a strong defence against existing and emerging threats.  Learn how AI driven cybersecurity helps to reduce risk while increasing operational resilience and efficiencies.

1500 - 1530

The Journey to Passwordless Authentication

Passwordless authentication is a hot topic and with good reason. When you eliminate passwords, you reduce the risk of identity theft through stolen end user credentials. A world without passwords is a realizable vision for the future, however it’s not a sprint, but rather a marathon. Join this session to learn about passwordless authentication and the journey towards adoption.

1530 - 1600

BYOD Mobile Device Security

The corporate security perimeter is blurry and to get work done anywhere, at anytime, a significant number of employees rely on BYOD mobile devices for efficiency and productivity. These devices are often self-managed by end users and are an attractive threat vector for bad actors. Learn about how to secure your end users BYOD devices without MDM and protect corporate assets while striking a balance with end user experience.

1600 - 1630

The Force Unleashed: RSA's Approach to Centralised Identity

The principles of least privilege are pivotal to securing and strengthening the cybersecurity posture of organisations. As organisations continue to scale and comply with government regulation, a quality identity governance and administration (IGA) solution is critical for identity management. Learn how to unlock the power of Governance and Lifecycle and gain assurance of who has access to what, identify and prioritize identity risks as they arise, and keep up with compliance policies and regulations.

1630 - 1645

Closing Remarks

Event closing remarks

1645 - 1800

RSA Hosted Cocktail Networking

Networking Drinks

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